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A New Christoffel Beta: Life After Thesis

June 10th, 2009 by Noam Berg

I’ve tinkered with the key dimension settings in FontLab, hopefully solving the strange MS Word behavior. If anyone wants to test this latest beta in Word and let me know if it’s still acting up or not, I will be eternally grateful.

Here’s the font!

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  1. danny bloom

    readme, emailme. dan bloom in Taiwan

    i coined SCREENING for reading on screens.

    see alex beam column in Boston Globe of June 19

  2. danny bloom

    bill hill knows my work now. Kevin Kelly is on board with this. email ASAp. i am in Taiwan. working with PVI and Pixel Qi. danny bloom, Tufts 1971

    SCREENING is the new reading

    reading is reading on paper surface

    screening is reading on screens

    agree or disagree?

  3. Noam Berg

    I disagree. This seems to me like a minor semantic quibble, not a substantive point that will make any difference to people’s lives or the quality of their online literary experience. I don’t think reading implies any kind of media specificity. Reading is the extraction of meaning from symbols, and it can be a very broad thing. We read text on paper, we read comics which are both pictorial and textual, we read signs on the road, we read carvings in stone. People talk about reading situations, reading people’s expressions, reading tarot cards, and reading body language. The idea of reading is complex and nuanced. you do it a disservice by reducing it to the narrow scope of reading text on paper.

    What benefit do we get from using the word “screening”? How does it help our understanding? It seems to me only to confuse. The word screening already has several uses in the English language. Theaters or other institutions will screen a movie, people who are concerned with privacy screen their phone calls, employers screen their candidates. What you are suggesting is a new use for a word that already has uses, and that just seems confusing to me. I am interested in clarity and understanding, not causing confusion.

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