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April showers bring…font betas!

April 20th, 2009 by Noam Berg

What’s that you say? You’d like to play with the latest beta version of Christoffel? Well then, my friends, have at it!

Download christoffel-rough-2009_04_18_1750.otf

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  1. gustavo nering

    “a christoffel é um revival baseado nos livros impressos…”

    sharing with the world!

  2. Michael

    I’ve only just started following your project, and must admit that I’ve only skimmed your posts. I don’t know what size you’re scanning from, but you might consider working with the newer Van Dijck figures that English Monotype had Matthew Carter design. Michael Bixler should have them in composition sizes. The figures originally issued by Monotype were just the Bembo figures. They’re fine, but the newer figs were a better fit.

    I hope this is more helpful than discouraging.

  3. Noam Berg

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the input! Your comments are indeed helpful, and not the least bit discouraging. the proof I’m currently working from is from a synopsis that Michale Bixler had already composed, and he just pulled me some proofs from it. As you can see, none of the sizes give a full character set. I digitized the 24pt. and as a result have those Bembo numerals. My adviser and I noticed that the block of 13pt. text in the specimen has different numerals, and suspected that perhaps the original design only had numerals for a limited range of sizes, with Bembo being used for the rest. Considering Van Krimpen’s distaste for the project (and revivals in general) it’s hardly surprising that the character set is meager. Is there anything in print about Carter’s work on Van Dijck? This little detail is one more argument for the importance of scale and source material in revival work.

    In the future, I will be commissioning more specific proofs from Mr. Bixler. In this case, he already had the form lying around in the shop, all ready to go, so the job didn’t cost me much. When I get some funding for the project, I’ll get afull range of sizes (optical size is important to me) and see what can be done about normalizing the figures. Since this is a “rough” revival at present, there’s not much I can do for the larger sizes, but I’ve been thinking about a cleaned-up smooth version.

    Again, thank you for the feedback!

  4. Michael

    I’m not finding (quickly) any reference to the Van Dijck figs in the book about Carter’s type designs. A Tally of Types has the following sentence:

    “Rowley Atterbury presented ten punches for a series of Van Dijck numerals which he had commissioned for his Westerham Press from Matthew Carter.”

    Those were the only places I could quickly look.

  5. Michael

    Actually, page 42 of Typographically Speaking has a paragraph about the Van Dijck figures. It’s available via Google Book Search.

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