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Ebooks and Mobile Phones

February 9th, 2009 by Noam Berg

My sharp-eyed colleague Carrie Mae brought to my attention an article in the New York Times discussing the plans of both Google and Amazon to get more books on mobile devices. This means Google books accecible by iPhone/T1, and Kindle books for sale on non-Kindle devices (does this mean no more nasty .AZW files, or will there be an iPhone app for reading them?). It’s an interesting development, considering Amazon have their own device they’re pushing (Kindle 2.0 due out “any day now”) whose main selling point is the large amount of available cntent and the ease and convenience of purchasing it (the content, certainly not the Kindle itself). It feels like their shooting themselves in the foot. Still, this may be a realization on Amazon’s part that despite their “best” efforts, iPhones are the #1 ebook reading platform out there, and that it may be the best move to eventually ditch the Kindle itself and make their massive content base available on other platforms.

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