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January 27th, 2009 by Noam Berg

Winter Break is over, and I am back in New york. London was a blast. Among some highlights were lunch at the Dove Pub in Hammersmith, namesake of the Doves Press. My good friend Adrienne and I also made it to th St. Bride Printing Library, a wonderful resource off of Fleet st. in Westminster. I got my hands on some good materials relating to Jan Van Krimpen’s work and Christoffel Van Dijck’s original types. the staff were very helpful, the holdings extensive, and the photography policy refreshingly lenient. In their display cases I saw my first real live Monotype matrix, as well.

Back stateside, we had our first metting for thesis studio today. About half the class presented work (myself included). There were a few projects I hadn’t seen yet, and others that had changed significantly from last time I saw them. Sadly, there is nobody in class from last semester’s studio, but it’s a good group nonetheless and I think Colleen and Barbara are going to be a good fit for the work I’m doing. I got some good feedback in class, including:

  • Think about the reader’s interface with type: what are we reading?
  • What kind of type and typographic treatment suits the different kinds of text we encounter on-screen?
  • What makes for a good reading experience in different settings?
  • Look at the project from outside the field: why type? why now?

I have a good feeling about the semester. I’m certainly nervous, but at least I have my ducks in a row.

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